As John Ruskin righteously quoted “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” We strive by the moto and adopt this philosophy in our everyday production. To ensure the highest grade of quality standard we have adopted Quality Management Systems. The process begins in the very first step from selecting the raw materials to storing the finished goods.

The quality process begins from sourcing the highest grade of raw materials from certified vendors in the industry to storing them in facilities that are built according to the industry and regulatory norms. We have state of the art machines that are involved in the production process. The machines are routinely checked and maintained to ensure consistent production without any hindrances. We have clean rooms for final processing of the material. We have adopted packaging techniques that ensure our product is contained within the clean room environment.

Apart from production we have adopted standards in documentation process to ensure every action and process is recorded. The recorded data is analysed and forms the basis of our future work, whether it is to carry out a research or bring a positive change in the production process. We live in a data  driven world where the past data forms a guidance for us to innovate and improve our process. We maintain quality documents as per cGMP norms and these are a few Quality documents adopted in our process

Apart from our TQM system we have rigorous training of our staff to keep them updated with the current and modern practices in the industry. We believe in an inclusive culture hence we take suggestions from them in training sessions and our routine meetings. Because of this culture some of the most unique and effective solutions have come from their suggestions.

We are a company that focuses on attaining the highest quality in every step of the process. We continuously work on improving our production and research work to ensure our competences strengthen. The growth in our competence can be directly seen in the product we deliver to our customer.